1751 Quote

1751 John Hill, The History of the Materia Medica:

Preface, p.ii:

“A Man is hardly qualified to write on any Subject, who has not read every thing that has been well written on it; but even if he has done this, he is still qualified for nothing farther than retailing to the World the Discoveries of others, unless he adds to his reading an Examination of the Bodies themselves, and an investigation of their several Qualities and Properties under his own Eye. On a Foundation like this, he will be qualified to instruct everyone who has not been at the same pains on the Subject; he will know the real Merit of the Writings of others, by having brought them to the Test of Nature and his own Experiments, and will consequently know what of his private Observations deserve the name of Discoveries or Improvements; and what of the Accounts of others will bear Quotation or Adoption.”

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