About us

About us

April 25, 2011

By admin

What this site is about.

This site is the last stop between being a beacon of hope and an obituary notice for real homoeopathy.  The word “real” was placed within the context of the definition of homoeopathy, yet is redundant simply because the definition of the therapy is self supporting  and exclusive.

Homoeopathy as defined, is a systematic and reproducible medical speciality based on observable laws of phenomena related to medicinal action of drugs on the healthy. The methodology and application of the therapeutics in practice revolves around the natural law of similars, and is mandated in no small way so as to fully utilize the principle of the law in practice by Hahnemann.

Whilst fully aware of the necessity to apply further research and knowledge to the therapy, which Hahnemann actively encouraged, he also gave the model for what and how things could be expanded without compromising the essential elements of the practice of medicine.

Today, it can be observed that Hahnemanns therapeutic model has been removed from the teaching institutions which purport to be the purveyors of Homeopathic knowledge around the world. This site and its supporters are gravely concerned regarding the fraudulent presentation of treatment to the general public under the banner of Hahnemanns therapy. We use the word “fraudulent” in its absolute sense, simply because the majority of the modern teachers and so called experts, knowingly have removed themselves from the basic tenets of Hahnemanns protocol, and have in all cases, gone directly against his researched findings and entered a world of metaphysical speculation and postulation without evidence or integrity or reproducibility of success.

Part of the problem must lie with the modern alternative/natural/spiritual medicine camp that saw a resurgence in the 1960’s and 70s. Homoeopathy was incorporated into that viewpoint. It seemed so easy to practice that many people with good intentions but lacking in medical training took it up without studying the essentials, and thusly its presence and teachings became a mixture of hearsay and repetition of false information. A brief look at the history of modern homoeopathic development will show the inceptors had spiritistic leanings, especially in the United Kingdom.

As this site develops further, the enquiring homoeopath will be able to compare the original research and practice methodologies of Hahnemann and colleagues, and compare them to what has been taught to them during their training. It should become obvious what is and what is not real homoeopathic practice very quickly.

The writers of this site do not solicit agreement from any casual reader from the words written in an article. It is simply requested that where references are quoted, that the enquiring practitioner checks them out for him or herself, and looks to accuracy, truthfulness and reliability for the guide in learning the discipline. NOTHING else will do.

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