Questions to Ponder






What is a Miasm?

How may Miasms are there?

How Many laws of Homoeopathy are there?

One response to “Questions to Ponder

  1. G. Dimitriadis

    Let me introduce some Sarc-asm to the topic of what is a Mi-asm, which must be understood as opposite to Your-asm, and completely distinguished from Org-asm, yet too often given to the phant-asm of the ‘modernist’ self-titled homoeopaths who, in place or studying the original sources (Hahnemann), seek to imagine and project their own delusional misunderstandings thereforem confusing the actual findings clearly expressed by Hahnemann, his succinct and useful pathological model, despite it being re-iterated with his characteristic prolix.

    The number of miasms is less than the number of modern day miasmists who would bludgeon this topic to death without seeking to even comprehend its meaning first.

    There is ONE law of Homoeopathy – and it is a pity that most “homoeopaths” as they call themselves, are at best only half convinced of it, and even then, readily abandon it’s use in favour of theoretical hearsay modelling derived from the most striking propensity to imagine and theorise without any regard to (due to ignorance of) falsifiability testing requisite in any modern science.

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