33 year old man complained of the following symptoms:

  • a sudden acute feeling of weariness and sensation of chilliness
  • pain in the larynx while swallowing

Based on these symptoms and without a repertorization, he has taken Belladonna 200C. In the middle of the night, he however woke up with the symptoms:

  • restlessness
  • anxiety and fear
  • palpitation of heart
  • fever of 99.6F without perspiration and with a sensation of heat
  • difficult breathing with a sensation of oppression of chest

Case analysis

The main symptom of the case if anxiety with palpitation, oppression of breathing and fever. All of these symptoms are new and have appeared after 1 dose of Belladonna 200C, so we are looking for a concordant remedy of Belladonna in the section fever.

Locality: ——
Sensation: anxiety, difficult breathing
Condition: palpitation of heart, fever without perspiration
Modality: ——
Causation: ——


The repertory used for the repertorization was the P&W 2011 Edition of the Therapeutic Pocketbook. The symptoms were broken down into its components (as described earlier) and repertorized.


The remedies considered in this case based on the repertorization were Aconitum Napellus, Nux Vomica and Arsenicum Album.

Aconitum Napellus produces anxiety with fever, dry heat, anxious palpitation of the heart, so I had to study the differences between the Aconitum Napellus and Nux Vomica and Arsenicum Album.

Arsenicum Album produces in the fever states sensations of burning with intermittent and remittent types of fever. Although it can be indicated in different types of fever, most characteristic types of fever are not continuous inflammatory fevers as described by the patient.

Nux Vomica is characteristic for fever states with chilliness and gastric or intermittent types of fever. Nux Vomica also produces a characteristic impatience, irritability and anger, which were not observed in the patient. The key symptom was fear, which corresponds with Aconitum Napellus and Arsenicum Album.


The closest remedy for the specific fever of the patient was Aconitum Napellus, which was given in 30C in 2dl water in 2 doses.

After the first dose of Aconitum, patient felt relief and there was an immediate drop in the fever. The anxiety and palpitation have disappeared and the patient fell asleep.

The next day, the improvement has continued and the patient has developed a hoarse voice with dry cough. The symptoms were painless, so I have waited until a picture emerges that would allow for a successful prescription.


1 week later, the dry cough did not disappear and the patient has described the following symptoms:

  • cough with expectoration in the morning with dry cough during the rest of the day
  • the expectoration in the morning has a sweetish taste
  • the dry cough seems to be excited by the sensation of tickling in the trachea and by inhalation
  • the cough seems to be worse in the evening

Case analysis

Locality: inner chest
Sensation: sensation of tickling,
Condition: dry cough at day with expectoration in the morning, sweetish taste of expectoration
Modality: inhalation agg., evening agg.
Causation: ——



The remedies considered were Calcarea Carbonica, Phosphorus and Kalium Carbonicum. All of the remedies seemed to be missing certain aspects of the case (the tickling in inner parts is not that prominent in Calcarea Carbonica, Phosphorus is not aggravated by inhalation). The Kalium Carbonicum seemed to capture the remedy picture.


Kalium Carbonicum LM1 3 doses during 2 days. No change.

2 days later Calcarea Carbonica 5 doses in 2 days. The patient is no longer aggravated by inhalation and the characteristic headache during coughing appears, which clearly indicates Phosphorus.

Phosphorus LM1 2 doses daily for 3 days. The cough has disappeared completely.



Vladimir Polony
14436 Esterlee Ave.
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