Questions to ponder regarding hair transmission and homoeopathy.

I got to thinking about things in my sleep and once more woke up with questions running around my brain. Whats a modality? How can you practice a different form of homoeopathy and  it still be called homoeopathy? How come a government hasn’t worked out to win a war with just using hair transmission?

Ive never said that I was normal, Im still reeling from the shock of finding out Hahnemann did not know of  the joys of using ATT for his long distance cell phone calls. That aside, I have some questions regarding the practicalities of homoeopathy and hair transmission.

So all these guys a couple hundred years ago, took repeated doses of substances and got reactions (for reactions read sick) from them. At some stage, depending on the good nature or otherwise, of the proving master he called a halt to the trial and the individuals took a little time to get back to normal….all except the guys doing Cannabis Sativa and Indicus… I believe their proving is still carrying on today.

From these various sadistic testings… the poisonings were noted and collated and indexed to be used on sick people when they exhibited the whacked out expressions of the exhausted testee’s… and they got better!

To prevent TOO much of a bad thing happening all at once, Hahnemann worked out a potency scale for the medicines that could be adjusted up or down depending on whether the patient merely had a rough time or a REALLY rough time… he said “er… when you see the patient turning red or his psoriasis coming back..umm good idea to stop the medicine at this point” (apologies to Hahnemann for paraphrasing but you get the point)

So here we have, an individual, his needs worked out as far as a substance is required, and then the substance administered and then adjusted for potency and stops and starts.

So I got thinking…. In hair transmission, (question 1…why hair?) a single strand is plunged into a vial of liquid containing the repertorized remedy (question 2..what potency?) then the patient goes off and is supposed to get better.

So now Im asking myself, question 3, how to you get the right potency? Question 4..when do you know when to stop for aggravation?

Then I hit the mother question…..What happens if the practitioner has a heart attack or someone steals the vials with the hairs in it and hides them??

Does the patient now get into a proving mode forever more from the remedy? Is their life over?

So then to my master plan on how to win a war. Send over your finest undercover troops (or hot women..whatever) and get them to pluck a single strand of hair from every foreign country member of their armed forces and bring them back to home base. Make up several million vials of opium 50m and place each hair in it. Six months later.. walk into the president palace of the country that you want to invade and say We are taking over your country….. to which the president looks at you sleepily and says.. “whatever dude..nice day..”

I guess this probably is the reason I cant accept hair transmission as a valid homoeopathic practice..

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