Optimization of Allopathic Medicines Through Homeopathy

Something what frequently happens in countries like mine, (Mexico) in which allopathic medicines are sold without a medical prescription is that the patient is self-medicate due to the lack of money or insurance to see a doctor, but also when from his own perspective not improve with treatment given by his/her doctor.

Due to this situation I have seen and experienced something (Serendipity) that I have called “Optimization of allopathic medicine with the homeopathic remedy”, through mere observation

Kindly, let me explain some clinical circumstances presented consistently in several cases (10 infectious cases).

1.-Antibiotics and infectious diseases ( A total of 10 cases like this in all my professional life). If I may, let me give you an example… like the following that I have experienced in several times (10 times=10 cases).

First of all I must to emphasize that when the patient with recurrent infections is brought to homeopathic consultation is because, despite antibiotic treatment, the child sometimes takes too many days to recover or he does it so clumsy and slow, even with unusually high doses.

Example: Pediatric patient,  2 years old, weighing 12 kg with recurrent infections of the pharynx and fever, which I had installed homeopathic treatment. Due he did not improve the next day, is self-medicated by one of the parents, saying: -“I gave him what the pediatrician prescribed last time”. i.e. Amoxicillin (antibiotic) at a dose of 250 mg 3 times daily, this is 63 mg / kg / day divided every 8 hours, when the benchmark average is 20-40 mg / kg / day.

Usually the parent tells you this during the review (next day), however, says: -“ I only had to give it  2 or 3 doses of the antibiotic, and it was enough to “cure” him”….The first time that I experienced this  situation I said my self: -“mmm: Something changed”

Anyway I continued with the homeopathic remedy, but the following consultation in which she brought me the same child with fever and inflammation pharynx, I proposed and convinced them to use allopathic treatment on first intention arguing that it would be faster and later homeopathy (the most of the people have the wrong idea that homeopathy is slow). Parents accepted.

What I did was to set the antibiotic treatment, but in the lowest possible dose 10 mg / kg / day, in this case 40 mg 3 times a day (total amount 120 mg) and I found that the patient who previously not responded to the same antibiotic in very high doses, after has been treated for a while with homeopathy, now responded efficiently and quickly to the antibiotic in an exacerbation.

The other groups of diseases where I have seen the same “optimization” are the following:

2.-Case type II diabetes and hypertension:

In these cases I never stop immediately the allopathic therapy (antihypertensive or oral hypoglycemic), but I have noticed that trying the patient with homeopathy over time the dose needed to control glucose or hypertension becomes minimal. For example, diabetic patients requiring glibenclamide 2-2-2 ( 6 tablets a day) now only need a half a tablet (even a fourth) … Only 15 percent of diabetic patients reach not to need oral hypoglycemic. (only homeopathic remedy)

In the case of hypertension it is the same thing, although the percentage reaches not to need medicine is more large (50%). (Only homeopathic remedy)

3 responses to “Optimization of Allopathic Medicines Through Homeopathy

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  2. Dr.Umadatha kumar

    I hope that this page will help all homoeopaths and other system medical practitioners to improve the quality of treatment,and will aware the common people who treat self with OTC,,

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