Changes in Polony and Weaver SYNOPSIS

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Posted on May 25, 2011 by gary

Vladimir and myself took a look at what is going on in the electronic arena of texts and repertories in the homoeopathic market, and compared it to what we had to offer. Firstly, P&W never went the route of being “popular” in terms of the latest and flashiest Repertories and Materia Medicas on the market. We did examine each and every one and compared them to the original sources and found in every case, gross errors in the content.To such and extent, we note that one of the most prominent Repertories is now cutting out huge swathes of material and bring out a slimmed down version. Surely logic dictates that removing material would indicate that it was not necessary in the first place or, even more worrying that the information was not correct?

P&W have compiled the basic repertories used in homoeopathy, and have an ongoing system of checking the content against the original works. Hahnemann Institute of Sydney recently noted a grading inconsistency and an entry missing in the KENT repertory, and so we will be checking against the original texts to see why there is a difference.It is only by adhering to a strict protocol of checking and rechecking can we be sure that the intent of the original authors work is presented.

Contained within the Repertories included, is the Polony and Weaver revision of the Therapeutic Pocket book by Boenninghausen. It is an accurate overhaul of the 1846 work re translated from the German, retaining the original layout for those familiar with the structure and includes our own corrections and some supplied by the Hahnemann Institute from their research. We have had the work translated into Spanish, the Original German text is supplied and shortly will added in Hebrew. We also have the Kents repertory in Spanish. For those fluent in German and Spanish (and shortly Hebrew) We also have made the SYNOPSIS operating system in the respective languages by clicking a button.

We have now incorporated the ARCHIVE project into the SYNOPSIS program. ARCHIVES is a project in which we scanned and word indexed the pages of original documents into a database so that the text could be read as written and printed. In this way, there can be no mistakes either in rewriting or in translation as you see what was printed by the author.

We have a standalone version of the ARCHIVES project available for purchase. Please contact us on for details.

The SYNOPSIS Professional is our flagship program containing everything the practitioner requires. With the addition of the ARCHIVE program for research and 50+ original searchable books and documents, not forgetting the standard Materia Medica compilations in the SYNOPSIS (click on the link above and see the titles) this represents a veritable treasure trove of homoeopathic help in one location  priced at only $799.

The Synopsis Complete is the same as the Professional but contains many more ARCHIVES BOOKS and materials. Priced at $1199

The Synopsis Basic is a “student version of our program containing Kents repertory and 3 others along with a number of Materia Medicae. Priced at $299

Synopsis Free is the Repertorium Publicum. Yes.. Its free.

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