An Advanced Webinar in Animal Homeopathy for Both the Lay Prescriber and the Professional Homeopath


During this series we will explore techniques for tackling those difficult animal health cases that come our way by learning a more in-depth use of the repertory, the use of Boenninghausen’s analysis techniques, and the basics of Hahnemann’s miasms.

This will be followed by a systematic approach to the second prescription based on the changes noted in the patient after the first prescription and how to follow up as the patient responds to the remedy; the timing of redoses; guides to changing potencies; and a more in-depth look at assessing cure, palliation, and suppression.

The series will continue with specific remedy categories and dosing techniques from dry dosing, to wet dosing, to LM potencies and will end with a material medica study of the common polychrest remedies.

Case studies to illustrate these techniques will be included.

Webinar begins Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 7:00PM Central. Class size is limited.


For More Details, Scheduled Times, Costs, and Registration, Visit the Webinar Page of our Website

Glen Dupree, DVM

Author of

Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production

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