Vera Resnick IHM Dhom Med (Lic) – Homoeopath

Homoeopathy Seminar in Jerusalem 2011

Homoeopathy without Proving Symptoms?  What happened to “like cures like”?

Advanced Case-taking and Prescribing:

Towards improved Focus, Certainty and Results

Lecturer:  Vera Resnick, IHM DHom Med (Lic)

September 12, 2011

The aim of this seminar is to work towards greater certainty in prescribing and better results through the following:

  • Sharper focus on the Law of Similars as the only route to certainty in homoeopathic prescription
  • Improved, more focused and shorter case-taking
  • clearer case analysis leading to better choice of rubrics in repertorisation
  • Clearer understanding of the relationship between central and peripheral rubrics in the case and the place of both in prescribing
  • The correct place of mind symptoms in case-taking and analysis
  • Emphasis on proving symptoms

Who is this seminar for: practitioners and advanced students.
Seminar structure:
9:30-12:45 :  Structure and framework for more certain, accurate prescribing, based primarily on the work of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen and contemporaries.
13:15-16:30  Practical application of structure and framework in case studies

Although the first part of the seminar will be more in lecture form, the study will be interactive throughout.

Books: To get the most out of the seminar,  bring a copy of the Organon (6th edition), and the MM Pura/Chronic Diseases.

Case study will utilize the P&W repertory, a software facsimile of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook.  For more information about P&W, please go to, or visit the P&W page on facebook (  They are currently working on a Hebrew version, which may be available prior to the seminar.

Date:  September 12th, 2011
Time:  9:30-16:30
Cost:   NIS 425 at the door (early bird discounted  for signup before 5.8.11 : NIS 300)
Venue: Jerusalem, exact venue to be announced
Language: Hebrew and English

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