What we have right now, and what we are working on.

Given that Vladimir and myself have spent a number of years working on a more accurate translation of the Therapeutic Pocket Book, and that we both use it exclusively in our practices… its no surprise that we have spent time making it available in other languages.

We have it in German. Our translation is from the first 1846 edition and has been corrected where required. Its the original chapter layout and wording.

We have it in Spanish. Again the source was from the 1846 German edition.

We have it in English. Directly translated from the 1846 edition and has been corrected where required.

We nearly have it in Hebrew. Still working on it.

Why the Therapeutic pocket book? It is the only guide to Materia Medica that is actually based on Materia Medica. 125 remedies that have been systematically and accurately portrayed to lead to the correct prescription.

Is it easy to use? Yes it is, PROVIDING you understand Hahnemanns directions for case taking and analysis. Once you have a grasp of the fundamentals, the rest is straight forward.



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