Guillermo takes the TPB to Chiapas.

Recently Dr Guillermo Zamora de la Paz was invited to Escuela de Medicina Alternativa in Tuxtla Gutierrez city, the capital of Chiapas state on the southeast of Mexico, to give a lecture regarding homoeopathy and the history of Boenninghausen and the development of his repertory to date.


Escuela de Medicina Alternativa

The trip from Dr Zamora’s home town to Tuxtla is around 785 miles. A long way on the bus system of Mexico, so thats why he took a flight 🙂 On arrival, he was warmly welcomed by the Principal of the college, Dr PULSATILLA NIGRICANNS FABIOLA DAVIS LUCAS, A beautiful young lady whose parents obviously used homoeopathy at the time of her birth and were proud to attach the name to her.

Dr Zamora presented to the audience of up to 50 persons, the interesting development of the beginnings of repertorial use, and traced each repertory with historical accuracy and outlined the methodology of use for each one.

At P & W Research, we have always found that homoeopaths are very interested to be presented with an accurate historical perspective of the development of the therapy. Once they understand the accuracy of certain works, it makes the task of choosing a remedy for a patient so much easier. Dr Zamora found this to be so in his visit. His lecture was keenly observed and many questions were asked of him.

Dr Zamora would like to thank the Principal and students of EMA for the warmth and cordial kindness extended to him during his time there. It is his wish that they will look further into the Hahnemann approved work of Boenninghausen, and see for themselves the benefit that will occur in using the Therapeutic Pocket Book.

GaryW: for Polony and Weaver.

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