New release of P & W SYNOPSIS imminent

P & W are pleased to announce the release of the 2012 edition of OpenRep Synopsis. (Mid April)

The changes that have been implemented are as follows. The software engine that drives the program has been radically streamlined and updated so as to take full advantage of the new hardware on the market. We have striven to keep the basic program in as small a shell as possible, and maximize speed and accuracy. With over 300 Materia Medicas and books, and 18 Repertory’s, the zip download file is only 221 meg! About 650 meg unpacked.

The program look has undergone a discrete makeover, with a fresher look and more intuitive icons. Vladimir has been busy making changes internally to the way the program interacts, and this has enabled us to pursue an idea for a “specialist” application which, if the trialing is successful, we will discuss later in the year.

MAC users have had the engine overhauled so that the latest revisions enable a smoother flow.

It is no secret that the repertory of choice for anyone that works with P & W is the Therapeutic Pocket Book. Research, experience and clinical success is the hallmark of the Hahnemann approved work. Many people ask if the 125 medicine inclusion is too small for clinic in this day and age. It was not too small for Boenninghausen or Hahnemann, and the conclusion drawn from using this repertory almost exclusively for the last 20 years is that it has allowed the full scope and action of each medicine to be seen. Each prescription allows a practitioner to REALLY understand the medicine as per the provings and not with the slant given in popular, but erroneous teachings today.

We at P & W, have spent 5 years collectively working on and with the Boenninghausen method. It has reshaped the way we look at disease and has made us more aware of the precision of Hahnemanns insight and comprehension of what needs to be treated.

The P & W Repertory of the 1846 Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book, has undergone a rubric by rubric revision pertaining to the English translation. This has resulted in a few more linked rubrics, where the meaning is the same, and about 10 rubrics being reworded slightly so as to give a more precise comprehension of Boenninghausens intent in the choice of his words.

We have worked on the Kent Repertory, to match it more closely to the Final General Repertory.

We added 2 new Repertories, one of which we are excited about and that is the TPB released in Hebrew along with the language interface. This is the first Repertory COMPLETELY translated into Hebrew, and we know it will be very useful for the practitioners over in Israel.  It was carefully translated by the P & W translation team, (the Hebrew language team member was Vera Resnick I.H.M. Dhom med.) from the P and W English version, rubric by rubric and placed into the same numbered rubric order, so that each rubric can be matched to the original German, English and Spanish versions we include in every package.

The Complete SYNOPSIS program and the Hebrew TPB is available through our Israeli office exclusively, and the email for the sole representative is

The P&W Israeli web site will be opened in the next few days for all Hebrew purchases of the program and for Hebrew questions and answers. Vera Resnick will be the sole sales agent for the Hebrew version in the meantime. Please write her with your questions.


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