Really, sometimes I wish homoeopathy didn’t work.  The world is not a hospitable place for homoeopathy.  Even homoeopaths are not a hospitable community for the practice of the kind of homoeopathy I do, in the down to earth approach that I have learned which has nothing to do with humours, delusions, elements, people looking like this or that animal or plant, psychotherapy et al.

Many people are not comfortable with the idea that a tiny amount of a correctly prescribed remedy will help.  They are not comfortable with the possibility that if they take too many of the tiny amounts it could make them feel worse.  They are not comfortable with the idea that they should not self-medicate as the homoeopath does know more than them in this area.  They even prefer to get homoeopathic prescriptions from medical doctors who have little or no homoeopathy training, than from qualified homoeopaths who have spent years studying and working exclusively in the field.

There are pseudo-scientists out there who delight in “proving” that homoeopathy is placebo, doesn’t work, people are not true scientists enough to examine how and why it does work.  I meet them at every dinner table, find myself embroiled in lengthy explanations by people who do not really want to know the how and why, only to critique and pour scorn.  It puts me off my food and gives me indigestion… and yes, I have given placebo and remedies and yes, I do see a difference…if you meet me at a dinner table, please talk about movies, books, uplifting experiences, but keep homoeopathy out of it.

There are so-called homoeopaths out there who reach for conventional medicine before even checking whether the remedy they prescribed is working – because they know their prescription was poor and have no true, deep confidence in it.  Conventional medicine has its place within homoeopathic treatment – but few are aware of it and how to truly understand and integrate appropriately.

But I’ve seen homoeopathy work.  Again and again and again.  Not for all patients, not for all conditions, but repeatedly.  I’ve seen homoeopathy set children on the path of health and better development.  I’ve seen homoeopathy help adults where the medical system has basically given up on them.   I know homoeopathy works.  And knowing that it works, knowing how to work it, gives me a responsibility to offer treatment, a responsibility to teach, a responsibility to explain to those who genuinely want to know, a responsibility that sometimes feels like a heavy yoke, a mission impossible.

So often I wish homoeopathy did not work.  But it does.  And I am a homoeopath.

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