2012 Edition of the SYNOPSIS Repertory Suite Program


Monday April 23rd we will release the new version of the SYNOPSIS suite. The P & W Therapeutic Pocket book 2012 edition has been edited to reflect better wording in about 5 rubrics, and a number of links have been added to similar symptoms.

2 new repertory’s added. Materia Medica upgrades. A cleaner brighter look, lots of internal software changes and best of all, a free upgrade for present version holders. Same price as last 2 years. No price increase $799.

For those wishing to purchase the SYNOPSIS with the first ever HEBREW repertory on computer (The P & W version of the original 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book), please contact vera.homeopath@gmail.com where it can be purchased for $799. If you already have the SYNOPSIS program but wish to buy the Hebrew Repertory, it can be purchased for $150. The purchase of either includes the HEBREW language interface so all computer commands are in HEBREW.

Dont forget, if you are a student, we can offer you a discount.


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