Why all the posts on iatrogenic illnesses such as vaccination?

For a properly trained homoeopath, useful information can be gleaned from knowing the causation. From time to time a well prescribed homeopathic medicine fails to hold, and despite judicious repeating of the same in different potencies, it will not address the issue.

Vaccination is  poorly researched, poorly tested and not the panacea it is made out to be.  Talking about vaccination is not about medicine, it is about emotion. Just ask a group of people what they think about the use of vaccines and very soon it becomes ‘personal’ and vitriolic. “evidence” is thrown at a questioner, and yet careful dissection of that evidence is not undertaken and evaluated clinically despite the sureity of the medical profession.

Do vaccines work? Go look round the internet for documented comments from both sides of the table and make up your own mind.

Vaccines are the bargain basement of Pharmaceuticals and make them an enormous amount of money for very little work.

Sadly, as years go by, documents are released which show massive cover ups in the testing phase. What other medicine is given blanket immunity by the U.S. government regardless of the side effects caused, even though they would have you believe that there are none.

We mention and discuss vaccines on this blog simply because a practitioner cannot rely on the data sheets supplied by the manufacturer. There is an absence of acceptance of observed reaction, and a denial that the vaccine may to be to blame. If we dont tell you what is happening, no authority will.

It might help to know in treating a patient for certain symptoms, that a vaccine may be the cause and take the appropriate course of specific action required to remove a maintaining cause.

2 responses to “Why all the posts on iatrogenic illnesses such as vaccination?

  1. Poorly tested and poorly researched… you mean other than the countless research projects aimed at the efficacy and any potential side effects of vaccination. Unlike, well lets choose a bogus therapy at random, say homeopathy – which has been proven numerous times by solid evidence based trials NOT to work, and yet is still sold at a hefty profit with no documented benefits other than placebo effect. I’m no fan of big pharm, but I’d say this is significantly worse. And to just add an extra smattering of evil, homeopaths advise against vaccination, instead encouraging naive and scared parents to buy their snake oil under the false pretense of protection. Damn those devious doctors and their medication that actually works, unfairly getting the lion’s share of your potential business.

  2. The level of your lack of knowledge and belief in “proof” presented by the proponents of one form of treatment, ie pharmaceutical based medicine, is sadly lacking in a fair and unbiased judgement of homoeopathic medicine.

    as far as vaccination goes, it OK… When you finally wake up and attribute the state of health of nations to the course of medical ‘progress’ through the years to the treatments given, vaccinations, antibiotics, immune suppressant treatments etc… and the REAL damage done is truly assessed, please remember your emotional response to this subject and that you actively supported a demise in good health.

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