2012 release of the OpenRep SYNOPSIS

May 2012

P & W are pleased to announce the OpenRep SYNOPSIS on a stick 2012 release. We took a long hard look at the needs of the professional homoeopath today and incorporated the requirements into the program.

Let us tell you what you get when you purchase the SYNOPSIS.

  The Program comes with 2 licences. One dedicated for a single machine which is activated immediately on purchase so you do not have to wait until you receive your SYNOPSIS on a stick Dongle to use the program. The single machine licence is for Mac Linux or Windows.

For the 2012 release, P & W have managed to incorporate all the following ONTO the USB Dongle for running the program FROM the Dongle! If you do not want to load the program onto a machine to run it, You no longer have to!

  • Furthermore, P & W have licenced each dongle for BOTH the MAC and the Windows operating system. (Linux is machine based only). So from now on, wherever you are, you can use the SYNOPSIS on anyones machine and just use their processor without downloading or installing anything!
Here is what you get:

Firstly there are four language option for the interface. English. German. Spanish and Hebrew. We have more currently being worked on at the moment.




Go to http://homoeopathyonline.org for full content listing. Price is $799. (student and school discounts available).

  • 18 Repertories.
  • Over 300 Materia Medicas and Books.
  • Full search function in all Literature.
  • Reverse Materia Medica.
  • Patient Management system.
  • Medical Dictionary.
  • Rubric weighting system.
  • Merge function for rubrics on most repertories.
  • Ability to alter, remove, add Rubrics.
  •  Ability to write your own Repertory.
  • Ability to change, add or remove Remedies or gradings.
  •  Immediate checking of Materia Medica from within rubrics or case work.
  • Case Taking screen for on the spot input or for importing case files.
  • Ability to add medical reports, photographs or additional files.
  • Save and carry all your patients notes with you.
  • Licenced for Mac and Windows on the dongle.
  • We offer student and group discounts for Colleges and schools. Please write gary@homeopathyonline.org or info@homeopathyonline.org 

P & W also include the ARCHIVES program, which was created as a search facilty utilising the ORIGINAL print copies of the contained journals, which allows the reader to read from the texts as first published.

P & W have specialised in research, and have undertaken a completely new  translation of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen from his first edition and printers copy notes. We have retained the original layout of the book, yet have updated and cross referenced and rectified errors of incorrect insertion, wrong translation and wrongly attributed medicines. P & W gratefully acknowledge the generous help of time, material and information given by the Hahnemann Institute of Sydney who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all matters Boenninghausen.

We have the Therapeutic Pocket Book in German, English, Spanish and Hebrew. the complete program containing the Hebrew can be purchased through our Jerusalem agent vera@homeopathyonline.org

For those schools or groups wishing to learn the methodology of Boenninghausen, utilising the Hahnemann approved repertory, P & W  offer a one or two day teaching course at reasonable seminar rates in the U.K. only. European and American teaching will be 2 day seminars only. (Please contact gary@homeopathyonline.org to discuss your needs.)

Polony and Weaver, and the associated practitioners, use almost exclusively the Therapeutic Pocket Book in their practice. It has proved itself to be the most accurate and precise indicator for remedy selection in both acute and chronic disease state prescribing. New users of the Therapeutic Pocket Book express surprise at the indicated remedies, and yet when they check in the Materia Medica, see the exact same symptoms mentioned as the patient complains of. Using this repertorial method, it only takes 3-5 rubrics to have a clear indication of a remedy choice to confirm in the Materia medica. An experienced T.P.B user will perhaps use less rubrics as they know the methodology better. Boenninghausen was the most respected and successful prescriber after Hahnemann, and his Therapeutic pocket Book reflects the genius of both men in operation.



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