Cases: Fever with gastric disturbance.

Cebu Philippines 2012 January.

Male White English patient visiting Cebu for 4 weeks, presented with typical symptoms of change of climate, air, food and environment.

This was manifested in a fever type state, fairly rapid onset. No discernible causation. Was staying in 4 star hotel with air conditioning and was a fairly frequent traveller.

The fever displayed as feeling warm with perspiration present, and sometimes a sense of coldness with perspiration present. When either hot or cold in fever state, the patient would cover himself with a blanket but soon discarded it as he felt worse from it.

The patients voice had lost timbre and sounded quite husky, his tongue was discoloured and coated. The patient complained of a taste in mouth alternating between copper and iron. The patient wanted a little hot food from time to time and only hot drinks and felt better for them.

Nothing further could be discerned through a full physical examination.

Using the P & W Therapeutic Pocket book, the symptoms were examined for Materia Medica study.

Firstly, the expression of the gastric disturbance was manifest in a discernible taste.  Very metallic. Along with this was a coated tongue.

The next obvious changed symptom was that his voice had gone very husky.

These three symptoms, taste, appearance and change in vocal quality, covered the expression of one part of the picture.

Turning attention to the fever, the patient had heat with perspiration and also chilliness with perspiration. He was irritated and made worse by covering himself and felt better for taking hot drinks and hot food.

A quick look in the Repertory elicited the following single remedy for consideration (The Materia Medica confirmed the choice) which cured the patient in 3 doses of 0/1 over the course of a single day.

Nux Vomica.



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