A case of toothache..

This is a case that happened to me personally.

I had an upper molar develop a small caries which I had noticed, yet as it did not cause any distress, I put it on the ‘to do’ list. About a week later, I was in central London driving to an appointment when I was suddenly struck with intense pain in the tooth. It was very severe with nerve involvement and made worse by any pressure. I was driving with my mouth slightly open to make sure the upper and lower teeth did not touch.

As this was an important meeting and not one I could miss, I was considering taking codeine to relieve the pain temporarily so as to enable me to function for the next couple of hours, and perhaps for a day or two until I could get into a dentist.

My mind evaluated the symptoms, upper molar, nerve pain, even the pressure of normal jaw tension or biting was worse. I kept examining the sensation and realised that subconsciously, I was using my tongue to try and clear the hole of the caries because it felt that something was wedged in it. (There was nothing in there on observation, but the sensation would lead a person to believe otherwise)

I pulled over to the side of the road and opened my medicine case and removed a single tablet of 200c Staphisagria. I sucked on it. Within  2 minutes, a sensation of the pain ‘trickling’ away occurred. it felt like it just bubbled away, removing the feeling of something lodged in there and all discomfort was removed fully within 10 minutes.

That evening I repertorised the case to see if it matched my assessment of the remedy I had taken.

(Click to enlarge)




I did not attend to that tooth for about three weeks because frankly I forgot about it.

Presenting conditional symptoms represent the entirety of the disease at that moment. In my case, the Staphisagria was taken immediately and stopped the problem completely.

This repertorisation was made using the Therapeutic Pocket Book, and shows the accuracy of the symptoms both literal and interpreted. Please note: interpreted does not mean an analysis of a symptom, rather the use of a literal sensation, in the case of the tooth feeling of something stuck in the tooth, rather than a crumb or something present. Please remember that symptoms are produced in a healthy person when proving substances, and it is the sensation that matters.


One response to “A case of toothache..

  1. Vladimir Polony

    I had a similar case but it was different in the fact that there was a marked sensation that this is in fact an inflammation of the nerve (alternating hot / cold / sharp /aching / burning pains). So, after a closer study of remedies I have decided for Sepia LM1, which is specific for nerve inflammation. After couple of doses the pain was gone and has not returned again 🙂

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