Basics in Equine Homoeopathy (seminar)

A 12 hour series that will cover the philosophy, theory, mechanics, and application of homeopathy with a slant toward the unique needs of the equine patient.
Health care will be considered from the global to the local to the individual, from external changes in hygiene to individualized therapeutics, from the acute to the chronic.  Instruction will be given on using the repertory and materia medica to select the remedy for the patient, as well as techniques in assessing the response of the patient to the remedy.  A materia medica of common acute and emergency remedies will be given.  The course will end with case studies specific to horses.
Classes will be held each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening at 7:00 PM Central
Recordings of each class will be available for review or for making up missed sessions.
For more information:
Visit the Webinar Page at

For The Animals
Veterinary Homeopathy Consultations
Glen Dupree, DVM
Author, Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production
Available at

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