Chronic case solved.

Patient, Male age 31, presented to me in 2008 complaining of Reflux.

After full local examination and sight of his medical tests, I took a full homoeopathic history. Patient had started with reflux in 2001 after taking up sidecar racing. Within 3 months of starting, he was experiencing full reflux with semi solid regurgitation.

At the start of the new season for racing in 2008, he was experiencing pain in his testicles, and the actual scrotum itself after each race. Another symptom expressed was that after racing, if he ate anything, he would immediately fall into a heavy sleep. This did not happen if he abstained from food.

In considering the facts of the case, it was established that the aggravation for the reflux and also the testicular and scrotum pain, was from the bouncing motion of the race on graveled roads. The sleep/eating issue again only happened after a race.

I repertorized it this way.. Using jarring as the causation for all the issues.

In reading the Materia Medica, I could see the similarity to Arnica from the provings. I prescribed 0/1 daily for 3 weeks. During the follow up, it was noted that the sleep issue had resolved. I moved the patient to 0/2 for another 3 weeks. There was a reduction in the pain and in the reflux occurence,  so I continued the patient on 0/2 for another 2 months. When he presented after the 8 weeks all symptoms had resolved.


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