2010 Florida

Female patient age 27  presented with Giardia in the form of the following symptoms.

General feeling of malaise and intense weakness..

Diarrhoea, watery, frequent, unpleasant smelling and fast spluttery discharge. Abominal cramps after eating. A noted symptom was that the patient could no longer drink her customary hot or iced tea as it made the cramps and diarrhoea worse.

Causation was unknown, except had a brief sexual relationship with a male with anal sex involved 3 to 4 weeks previously.

Lab test confirmed Giardia lamblia parasite.

A look in the P & W Therapeutic Pocket book suggested two remedies to look at for comparison. China and Veratrum. After careful analysis, China was selected as it fitted more closely with the patients state.


The patient was given one dose of the China 0/1 in the office, and told to take another two doses that same day, and then take one dose a day for 4 days when I would see her again.

Follow up. 5 days later. Cramps gone, evacuations was just one watery stool a day…still weak but not feeling unwell. Prescribed 1 dose of sulphur 0/1 daily for three days. On follow up patient was clear of all symptoms but still a little weak. continued sulphur 0/1 for 7 days.

Patient was discharged on follow up.


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