Lyme Disease

Female patient, White, age 42. Southern State of USA presented with Lyme Disease.

The patient was fairly advanced in the development of the pathology. After thorough physical examination, a detailed case taking ensued to find the appropriate homoeopathic remedy.

Patient, a school teacher was normally full of energy and worked long hours and enjoyed interactive stimulation. She now was completely devoid of energy, lethargic, irritable, complained of joint pains, like having been “run over by a dump truck and the bones squeezed hard”.

Patient had a rash with spots on her face and chest which looked blue. Complained of internal prickling like pins and needles in her arms and legs which she could not scratch. During our conversation, she complained that drinks did not pick her up and nothing in the food line made her feel revived or better. Some depression and sadness over the condition.

Using the P & W Repertory, the patients case was evaluated.

Combining this with the physical results, the patient was prescribed Phos LM 0/1 daily for 3 weeks.

From the first dose, the patient began to sleep better. Over the course of a week, the skin rash/spots started to clear. The joint pains intensified for 3 days then diminished. Her irritability became less.

During the follow up, as things were still improving, I continued her on the 0/1 daily. 2 months later on a follow up, blood tests were taken and everything was showing normal. I continued her on the 0/1 for another month until her weakness disappeared completely then stopped the medicine.

The patient was discharged.

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