HOMEOPATHY IN LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION – A Webinar in Agriculture Applications of Homeopathy

August 7 – August 30, 2012This 12 hour series (one hour sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 4 consecutive weeks) will explore the opportunities unique to the partnership of homeopathy and sustainable organic agriculture.  We will explore how this partnership has the potential to reverse and correct many of the global problems present today.  To do so, we will look at the unique application of homeopathy within each major farming system and how these applications can foster health in each individual animal, each farm and farm family, and in the populations using the products from these farms.

We will study the theory and philosophy of homeopathy as they mesh with the legal and philosophical mandates of organic agriculture during the first sessions.  The later sessions will concentrate on the mechanics and the application of homeopathy in farming situations and on the proper use of the repertory and material medica to find the remedy best suited to the situation.  Included will be a material medica study of the common acute and emergency remedies used on the farm.

Each session will be recorded and you will be given unlimited access to the recording for review or if it is more convenient to study the course at times other than when the live session is offered.  In addition to the recordings, you will receive a complete set of course notes and a file containing each week’s PowerPoints for further review.

For costs and registration information visit the Webinar page at my website homeopathyfortheanimals.com



For The Animals
Veterinary Homeopathy Consultations
Glen Dupree, DVM
Author, Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production
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