Fast acting acute cough


Fast acting acute cough

Patient, 50 year old woman developed cough as tickle in throat two days ago. Cough was non productive and sound like from irritation in throat.

I did not prescribe.

Cough became worse when exerting self, stooping and lifting anything.

I did not prescribe.

Patient worked at home and was coughing on lifting, exerting, moving. Felt very hot.

I did not prescribe.

I saw patient 60 minutes ago. Was lying down. Felt chilly internally. had coughed so much, had vomited mucous. As long as laid down still there were no symptoms.  started to cough as talked to me.

I prescribed Bryonia 0/1 in water to be taken every 10 minutes.

Patient is now sleeping.

Expect a full recovery in next 24 hours.


Polony and Weaver.


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