P & W SYNOPSIS 2012 Special offer

Special News.

From now until December 24th 2012, HomoeopathyInfo is offering the P&W Repertory program SYNOPSIS at the special price of $699! The program is one of the easiest to use and yet contains the most powerful useful features available.

With this program, it is possible to search in ALL contained repertories at the same time to elicit a single symptom if required. The same powerful search capabilities are available to find a symptom in over 300 Materia Medicas and texts!

The SYNOPSIS program also contains the completely updated and revised Boenninghausen Therapeutic pocket Book as researched and corrected from the original 1846 edition by Polony and Weaver. The work has been kept in the original layout to facilitate an easy transfer to the information for users of Allens work. Each rubric has been meticulously cross referenced with similar rubrics containing the same remedies and grades so as to not input the same symptom twice. For those that use the Therapeutic pocket book, they will attest to the accuracy of the remedy indication in as few as 3 absolute symptom selections that cover the case.

The Therapeutic Pocket Book by Polony and Weaver incorporated in the SYNOPSIS, is released in each program in Spanish, English, German and Hebrew. All translations have been made in house by P&W Associates to ensure accuracy.

Along with this, The Operating system of the P&W can be switched between Spanish, English, German and Hebrew!

The program can be used with the Dongle on both Windows AND Mac machines!

Download a demo now at: http://homeopathyonline.org/download.php

You can read all about the features of the SYNOPSIS by going to the website at http://homeopathyonline.org/synopsis.php

To obtain your discount just drop a line to edu@homoeopathyinfo.com asking for the $100 discount from $799 to $699 and we will invoice you on PAYPAL for that amount.


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