Science in Homoeopathy

You wont know what this picture represents, and for now, we are not going to tell you. Suffice it to say, it is the beginning of an investigation into medicines, affinities, reactions and curative effects.

P and W has begun a whole series of tests on various aspects of medicines and medicinal comparisons and actions within the Materia Medica. Utilising this data, some amazing comprehension of medicinal action and verification of Hahnemanns work is coming forth.

As we progress and test the models of various theories of medicinal affinities or families or groupings of medicines, it is becoming quite  obvious that these theories are not matching the clinical data. It would seem that Science is backing Hahnemanns findings and rejecting Scholten, Sankaran and others.

We are continuing our investigations and will trialing  a working model in the coming weeks.

Watch this space.

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