A small rant.

sad-doctorI get a little tired of the attacks on homoeopathy, refered to as “pseudo science, and quackery, and dangerous bullsh*t.” I just read an article where the author is Dean of a famous university, as if this is all the qualification he needs to pontificate on life and what constitutes real medicine. His speciality is not even medicine.

I occasionally watch TV and see learned men espouse their opinion on science, creation, modern medical marvels, progress, achievements and watch them smug in their own self justification of purported knowledge and being the arbiters of what is good for mankind and how their way is the only way.

Sad to say, and it sad, for I wish with my heart that what they present as truth, was truth. Only it isnt. Sadder still, the people who originate the claims, in the main, are in full knowledge of the real truth, and sacrifice ethics for power and money. Historical evidence released by their own people, time and time again reveal the truth about their truth.

The time is coming when the strength of liberalism, for that is what it is, and total disregard for the opinions that do not match their own, will destroy All forms of medical treatment save allopathy, and that will be the only choice.

I am weary of the claims of this new world order that all governments are pushing for. It will not be better. It will be totalitarian and it will be lacking in freedom and choice.

There is nothing much to destroy in the practice of homoeopathy. The therapists have done a good job of that themselves. What we have in the West in the main, is a bastardized, even completely different therapy than what Hahnemann created. There is no science, or adherence to the principles  in the quasi psychology methodology employed by Sankaran sensation method practitioners, or users of Scholtens methods, or employment of tissue salts or radiology or distance healing etc etc. That is not homoeopathy, never was and never will be.  It will be no loss if these methods are closed down.

Sadly, for those who adhere to the principles of the real therapy, those who have studied and researched and proven time and time again the efficacy of Hahnemanns protocol… they will lose out. And so will the world, who will lament the passing of real medicine.

Homoeopathy is hard enough to practice in this day and age due to dealing with a multitude of allopathic interventions in a patients life from birth, vaccines, antibiotics, suppression treatments etc, but it still proves its worth when prescribed properly and the case managed correctly. Any other type of treatment is guesswork and deserving of scorn from everyone.

Its time for the colleges to wake up to the very real danger that they have placed themselves in, and start teaching properly. But then again, if they had really cared in the first place, and had teachers who had studied source materials, we wouldnt be in this mess that we are in.

All it takes is for people to think for themselves and read.



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