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Why we have been quiet of late.


teachThe associates of P & W have been working on various projects. Of late, it is our opinion that we need to concentrate on teaching the use of the Therapeutic Pocket Book to practitioners. Whilst it is a smallish repertory, it requires some knowledge of the structure, and an understanding of the rubric meanings in order to make defined and accurate prescriptions in daily use.

To this end, Vera in Israel, Guillermo in Mexico and Gary in Europe have been conducting workshops and offer Seminars and teaching based around the writings of Samuel Hahnemann with the focus on clinical therapeutics utilising the Therapeutic Pocket book by Boenninghausen.

Venues and dates:

  • Israel. Week of 26th May. 2013
  • Mallorca June. 2 day teaching seminar in Mallorca (no available places left) 2013
  • Bilbao Spain, 2 day Seminar in English. September or October (2013)
  • Bilbao Spain, 2 day Seminar in Spanish. September or October (2013) Dates to be finalised.

If you would like to discuss a teaching arrangement in Europe, Mexico or Israel, you can contact us at