Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine: Mallorca Seminar Prices.

finca-mallorca-kaufenCERTIFICATED COURSE

The Mallorca Seminar is a two day intensive based on the writings of Hahnemann and Boenninghausen, As such it qualifies for a certificate from the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine upon completion.

The Seminar content (outlined here) is a fairly rigorous study which will require deep concentration and application to the lecture material. At the end of the seminar, it is our experience that the attendee will have a firm grasp on the basics of Hahnemanns work and methodology, plus a Hahnemann approved repertory to work with if you opt to purchase. There is no obligation or requirement to do so.

The I.H.M. in conjunction with P & W Synopsis have set the prices for the Seminar as follows:

Please keep in mind that the purchase price of the SYNOPSIS program alone is $799  €610  £520

Seminar Only: £400
Combined Seminar and SYNOPSIS program £580

Seminar only:  £350
Combined Seminar and SYNOPSIS program £550

Extra SYNOPSIS program purchased at the Seminar will be available for £350.

The seminar will give insight into the writings of Hahnemann without interpretation. The direct result of years of research and practice, has allowed the I.H.M. and P & W to piece together and comprehend the methodology as the founder intended, and demonstrate his thinking through the exhibited individual disease reaction and symptoms produced.

palma-de-mallorca-For those wishing to utilise Hahnemanns thinking and use it in case analysis, the SYNOPSIS computer program (Windows and MAC on the Dongle, so you will never be stuck for a platform) is built around the 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book of Boenninghausen. This work has been completely revised by P & W and compiled from original print editions and hand written copies, and corrections made to errors with each rubric translated from the German using original medical dictionaries of the time period. This monumental work is used in the main by I.H.M. practitioners in Mexico, Australia, USA  and Europe. The SYNOPSIS program has 4 language interfaces at present ,German, English, Spanish and Hebrew. The T.P.B. has been carefully translated into these languages too.

For research and familiarity for those that use other repertories, the SYNOPSIS also contains 16 other repertories. All meticulously compiled into the easy to use OpenRep SYNOPSIS engine. These include Kents final General with additions, Boger Boenninghausen and 14 other well proven repertories of note. The Kent and Repertorium Publicum are also in Spanish.There is also the ability to add or remove Symptoms, add or remove remedies and grades AND… the ability to make your own repertory entirely.

Along with the Repertories, there are over 400 Materia Medicas and texts to read using the powerful search engine. (please go to to read all about the program and even D/L the demo.

We have currently over 30000 OpenRep and Synopsis programs in use worldwide.

Student looking confusedThis seminar has been designed to put the real practice of homoeopathy as defined by Hahnemann back into your clinic for the benefit of your patients. To give you the practitioner, certainty in prescribing and confidence in the process of the medical practice of homoeopathy.

This is the 5th seminar in the series. It caters to small groups and, in truth is a fairly intense workshop, There is a lot of information to impart and some unlearning to do. Using Video, Power Point, Audio, case examples and live case taking, the methodology of eliciting the pivotal symptoms becomes very clear when viewed through Hahnemanns instructions.

Why Mallorca? Its actually much cheaper to do the Seminar in Mallorca than in London. You can view it as a free Seminar if you choose the SYNOPSIS option, with a cheap holiday, or, as an inexpensive seminar and holiday for the price of a SYNOPSIS if you already own one.


Seminar Fee… £400. 2 nights accommodation £150. Food: £100 travel from outside London, parking, Petrol, Train, bus etc £100. Total £700. We were unable to factor in a total price for the Seminar including the SYNOPSIS due to room rental and travel costs for us!

Mallorca: MAXIMUM seminar price including the SYNOPSIS £580. A one week stay on the Island in October is from £200.

I.H.M. staff have a long history with the Island. Even having owned residential property there.We will be able to help with all inquiries.

October is not far away. Drop us a line on if you are interested. We will not be catering for more than 20 people so as to give personal attention to your seminar enjoyment.





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