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weird2Comment Guidelines

Homoeopathyinfo writing guidelines. (and for comment responses)

What should be avoided is any hint of racist, sexist or religious bias, or any suggestion of nasty, snide, sarcastic, or condescending tone — “snark.”  If something could easily fit in a satirical Web site for young adults, it probably shouldn’t go into our Blog.

Contractions, colloquialisms and even slang are, generally speaking, more allowable in blogs than in print.  But obscenity and vulgarity are not, and of course unverified assertions of fact, blind pejorative quotes, and other lapses in journalistic standards don’t ever belong in blogs.

Writers and editors of blogs must also distinguish between personal tone and voice and unqualified personal opinion. All opinion should be, when related to medicine, qualified.

So a blog post has to give readers the arguments and factual information that led to the writer’s conclusion — enough argument and fact on both or all sides of the issue to enable the reader to decide whether to agree or disagree. This is a fundamentally different requirement that does not apply to editorials which “are not intended to give a balanced look at both sides of a debate,”

We encourage smart analysis — indeed, that’s what will provide the most value in our blog.

Moderating reader comments on this blog  involves the same ethical and journalistic standards that apply to articles.  Our moderators’ guidelines say they should not edit unacceptable blog comments to make them acceptable; if the comments contain vulgarity, obscenity, offensive personal attacks, say that somebody “sucks,” or are incoherent, moderators are advised just to chuck them out. We try to encourage commenters to use their real names, this helps to keep the balance even.

We will not publish articles or comments from individuals that are known to us from previous dealings and their motives have proved to be suspect in their contributions. This would include, for personal gain, to promote their own agenda, or promote a link with homoeopathyinfo by inference.

In conclusion, the final call is ours.

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