Latest GOOD news from Mallorca

P & W have kindly agreed to sponsor the Seminar in Mallorca.!



The reality of the Prices. Seminar plus program is now LESS than the cost of the program alone!

Seminar prices for those of the nearly 30 000 that already have OpenRep/SYNOPSIS programs, and who do not require the program, are now less than £100 or £125 a day depending on whether you are a student or Practitioner.

A Seminar to really get to grips with Hahnemanns methodology through Boenninghausen !

The Mallorca Seminar is a two day intensive based on the writings of Hahnemann and Boenninghausen, As such it qualifies for a certificate from the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine upon completion.

Seminar Only: £250

Seminar only:  £200

If an attendee wishes to purchase the SYNOPSIS program, we offer a combined fee of £500 for both the Seminar and the program.

*Must be paid for prior to Seminar to avail of this offer.*
SYNOPSIS program(s) purchased at the Seminar will be available for £350 (retail £520)

For those that have already, paid, please check your credit card/Paypal accounts for the refund on the price reduction!

Contact us for group bookings of 5 or more for discounts and free placements.

Si usted es un homeópata hispanohablante y desea aprovechar el convenio para apartar lugar en grupo y recibir descuentos SUBTANCIALES, por favor contacte

Please email notifying of your interest to attend the seminar, and our staff will email the details of fee payments to you.

We encourage you to book early.

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