Accurate case taking…….The benefits.

During the Mallorca seminar, an amount of time will be allocated to Hahnemanns directions for taking the case and for eliciting prescribing symptoms. It is always a source of surprise to me, especially when sitting in with students, that the elements of adherence to the Organons written directions appear to have been followed, and yet the essentials of the problem are not seen or dismissed in favour of something else less important.

The members of the I.H.M. lay no claim to being anything other than being good emulators of Hahnemanns methodology, and studious in their reading of his instructions. That said, once the system is comprehended, a personal sense of satisfaction at being able to reproduce excellent  results for the patients, and a vindication of Homoeopathic principles in action is to be expected.

One graduate of the I.H.M. who had been in practice (prior to taking a training with us) for several years, made the comment that the difference in approach, the application of the principles, the collection of required information, and the assessment of the case was noticeably different in one respect, and that was the introduction of a “certainty in the prescription.” All the wooliness and the “perhaps” and the speculation were no longer present when the remedies indicated were perused  in the Materia Medica and the correct one selected on sound logical grounds.

The other thing that graduates state is that it becomes far easier to manage cases, and knowing when to change medicines and how to gauge reactions to the prescriptions. I,H.M. consultants use both centesimal and Q potencies in their clinics.

Taking the case correctly is 90% of the hard work done. The last 10% is choosing the key and pivotal symptoms for basing a prescription on.

We will be discussing this in full at the seminar with Hahnemanns words and case and video examples…


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