Its sad but a new shiny thing will come along soon…

teacherDear B********

In the tutors failing your assessment for the third time, it ended your two year training with us only 7 months in to the course. Despite the SKYPE lessons, the weekly assignments with tutors on hand, the access to over 160 gig of original source material, the hours spent in learning Hahnemanns methodology for case taking, the many cases you have sat in on and been guided through each part of the case taking, case analysis, medicine prescription and follow ups, and having read which cases you partook of, over 20, with full resolution of every case, you still have decided to cling to everything previously taught you in your other college.

I remember that you came and asked for help. As a practitioner of two years standing, your case load was not getting the success that you thought it should be, I recall you said perhaps only 3 in 10 were actually helped fully and many others were touched partially by the medicines but not really helped. I was impressed by your honesty and offered you a place on our course, with the first 2 months free of charge, so we could evaluate you and see if you could make the change from the method of prescribing you were following, a mix of spiritual, sensation method, remedy families and using the elements.

For the first two months, you were introduced to the Organon, the rationale behind the therapy of homoeopathy, discussions regarding Medicinal provings, and were allowed to view 2 casetaking sessions with student analysis sessions after. You saw the follow ups one month later, and the resolution to both problems and the patients dismissed from treatment.

For the past 5 months, particular attention has been paid to the hard work of studying medical provings, ripping them apart in the way we teach from the sources, so that the effects of the medicines are fully understood. You have been learning that medicines do not have personalities, just symptoms. You studied over 35 of Hahnemanns cases we gave to you to work out, and saw his mind and explanations in action. We introduced you to repertories and showed you how to use them and which ones would cause you trouble and the reasons why.

All the time we directed you to being a good and self sufficient Homoeopath that could fulfil the role in your clinic.

Then one day, you broke down and cried to a tutor that you were not happy. You felt that you were no longer a homoeopath because now you were becoming more of a doctor and not a healer using wonderful natural substances. When asked about the successes observed and compared to your previous numbers, you stated that cure on a spiritual level was far more important and that physical ailments were from a wounded psyche. There was nothing exciting about Hahnemann, it was all just medicine and there was not enough to stimulate the mind like Sankaran taught. It was mentioned that her use of his and others methods were not successful. That fell on deaf ears.

So we parted ways knowing that we could never change your mindset, and in reality, we did not want to. As Hahnemann found out, there were but few homoeopathic physicians in his time, and even fewer since. We only look for those who will do the work themselves, we guide and demonstrate, but its up to those individuals to be convinced by the literature and the results in clinic.

I do get weary of those that dont allow the facts to stand in the way of their prejudices, but then, I guess if the genuine motive is not there then we get what we get. For the record, homoeopathy is a medical speciality, and has to be treated as such.

We move on.



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