Time to go backwards

a1Can you effect a curative response without seeing a patient? Boenninghausen did. If fact 98% of his clinic was by written correspondence only. He had the best success rate in Germany, if not the world after Hahnemann.

I started to put this to the test in 2005. I came to see that utilising Hahnemanns approach to case taking through Boenninghausen absolutely works and works absolutely. As I grew more practiced at eliciting symptoms that are required for prescribing from the patient on the phone, my successes in first prescription tripled within a very short time, and overall the success rate (clinical resolution of the cases) were at the same rate as my physical patients in the clinic.

Many of my colleagues in the I.H.M. joined after consulting me online for a consultation for themselves or for a family member that they were unable to resolve the problem for. These people are excellent practitioners in their own right. I am no better or worse than they are in clinical skills, in fact some of them being recently trained medics are much sharper than me in certain aspects.The only thing different about me is that I have applied years of research to my own practice and use the Therapeutic Pocket Book almost exclusively. I dont claim ANY clever knowledge on my own behalf, everything I know I know through the teachings of the medical Masters.

Im happy to tell you this. Im happy to pass on the information Ive gleaned. With results for patients like this,  I think it would be extremely foolish to change. a2Im going to stay the winning course that can be repeated time after time. If you are not getting the majority of your practice better, perhaps you should consider looking backwards at Hahnemann, and this time really reading his words.


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