Mallorca Seminar notes…

Two days of intensive study and enjoyment has now been completed. 20 of us enjoyed the Mallorcan weather, food and friendship.

We discussed case taking in depth. We looked at how to observe the patient through Hahnemanns direction and worked through numerous cases starting with a video presentation to see how the method worked in practice.

We discussed a number of aphorisms in order to comprehend the simplicity of Hahnemanns model for discerning ill health and worked through the steps required to observe the reality of dealing with sickness.

On the Sunday we looked at the development of the repertory, spending time discussing the differences between Boenninghausens model and Kents.

In the afternoon, we looked into the usage and making of the L.M. potencies, and discussed Hahnemanns usage of water prescriptions from the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon

At the conclusion of the seminar, The I.H.M and P&W happily gifted a full Professional SYNOPSIS program to Isidre Lara for his help and consideration in every step in preparing this seminar. Without him, it would not have been possible to have such a smooth and efficient weekend. We also asked Dr Lara to become the SYNOPSIS representative for Spain. He will be the man to go to as soon as we set up the details on the website.

We  released a new Spanish only version of the Program, and to celebrate the release, we had a free draw for the attendees, one happy homoeopath went home with it.

Nadia Martin, our professional translator and co incidentally, a student at an eclectic naturopathic and homoeopathic college on the Spanish mainland, did a fantastic job in holding it all together…. the nicest thing was after the seminar concluded, she told me that after listening to the information, was that she was inspired to actually try homoeopathy as she now understood far more in two days than in all her training… Miss Nadia, thank you for everything you did… you were the perfect fit.

To the management of the Blue Bay Hotel in Cala Mayor… thank you. Incredibly well managed and nothing was too much trouble.

The Seminar schedule for 2014 is being prepared, with Granada Spain and Turin Italy being venues…

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