The I.H. M. and P&W are pleased to announce an association with 4 experienced homoeopaths on the beautiful Island of Mallorca. Working together in the The Homeopathic Medical Centre Mallorca since 1982. Andreu Forteza, Isidre Lara, Joaquin Peleteiro and Josep Maria Quera.

Dr Isidre Lara is the new Spanish representative for P&W, and the homoeopathic clinic is now on the approved list of practitioners.

The clinic practitioners have been through a variety of training in their careers, but have always stayed true to the basic implementation of the application of homeoopathic principles. the SYNOPSIS program is now installed on their computers for everyday use.

The view from the top of the building. Some of the offices open onto the balcony.

You are welcomed into the clinc at the entrance.

The waiting room.

The practitioners.

Dr Andreu Forteza

Dr Joaquin Peleteiro using the P & W SYNOPSIS program

Dr Josep Queralt

Dr Isidre Lara

Showing the office onto the lovely balcony.

Medicines. The Clinic has a full pharmacy.

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