Viewed through Proving: Alumina and Shakespeare

Any Shakespeare lovers out there?  Or are we a dying breed?

Lady MacbethWhich extremely famous Shakespearean tragic figure do these Alumina proving symptoms remind you of?

16.          Anxiety with external heat and restlessness, as if she had done something wicked.
17.          Anxiety and fearfulness, as if he had committed a crime (on 5th d.). [Ng.].
18.          Restlessness in the evening, as if evil was imminent.
22.          She cannot see blood nor knife without horrible thoughts pressing in upon her, as if she should, e. g., commit suicide ; though she has the greatest horror of it.
26.          Discontented with everything, and as it were desperate.

and these:

1107.     Much talking in sleep, as if he had anxious dreams.
1108.     Before midnight great restlessness during sleep with violent weeping and disconsolate grief, without any proper consciousness, for some minutes.
1109.     She moans and groans at night as if she were weeping, but she is unconscious of it, soon after going to sleep (7th d.).
1110.     [1110] He rises at night unconsciously from his bed and with his eyes firmly closed, he walks anxiously from one room into the other, rubbing his eyes ; being brought again to bed, the boy went straight to sleep again.

Didn’t get it yet?  I’ll add in a comment by Hering in his Guiding Symptoms:
“Red rhagades on hands, worse in winter and from washing”

It’s like one of those 3-D pictures – once you see it, you can’t “unsee” it…

Click here for the answer

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