A lesson for us all.

Recently, I was made aware that the Spanish Homeopathic Doctors are pushing for the sole right to practice the medical speciality, taking it to government levels no less, to restrict or ban anyone that does not hold a medical license.

I was asked my opinion regarding this move, and spent some time thinking on the matter.

Firstly, The medical speciality of Homoeopathy is in poor shape. The intrusion of various non homeopathic approaches, such as the sensation method, polarities, periodic tables, remedy families etc, have diluted the training and ability for a person to become a Hahnemannian practitioner. I use the term Hahnemannian simply to define the practice as being the SOLE definition of how the modality should be practiced.

The reality being what it is, and with the addition of non homoeopathic practices having influenced the knowledge of both medical and non medical practitioners, there is very little difference between the two camps. In my experience, Western Medical doctors are well trained in allopathy, and have have little or NO training in homoeopathy. What they know is self taught or by attending a few lectures to receive a “qualification” in the therapy. The leaning is always towards allopathy.

Non medical homoeopaths in this day and age are in the main, not taught real homoeopathy either. I have unsubscribed from all journals and groups because I can no longer stomach the literary meanderings of confusion and falsehoods that are presented as homoeopathic practice. There are few people to recommend in this day and age as a genuine practitioner of the medical speciality. In accusing me of being old fashioned or clinging to the origins and methodology and “not progressing with the times and advancements”, I would point out that there have been no advancements in deviating from the core principles of the practice, and more to the point, most student have NEVER been taught them, to have a basis in knowledge.

So, to let the medical profession have control of the homoeopathic specialty? It wont make a difference really. It will come under governmental control, it will eventually be sidestepped and then removed a lot quicker than if they had to fight a larger group. My experience with the medical profession is that less than 5% who practice homoeopathy attempt to do so with knowledge and with some understanding.

Its not good enough.

The medical profession want this for control and for financial reasons. They will tell you that its for “patient safety from untrained people”. In reality, MOST medical doctors who practice homoeopathy only prescribe in conjunction with allopathic treatments, and have less than NO IDEA what they are doing homoeopathically. For the few medical doctors who practice homoeopathy exclusively and try hard to do it right, I think you should be aware that taking control will actually destroy what you have now and dilute your status and power in a very short time. The people who will run your organisations will not be homoeopaths by nature, they will be politicians and they will SELL YOU OUT as history shows every time.

Homoeopathy the therapy, is in a catastrophic state in the 21st century. Success can only be had by a return to the standards of practice and by good solid training in the methodology of Hahnemann to emulate his success for the patient.

I personally would resist the medical authorities being in control of ANYTHING on principle. Its bad for me, bad for our children and bad for humanity. In the end it will not matter. Our choices will only expose whom we are on the inside, and not change the outcome that is being sought. Homoeopaths destroy the therapy from the inside out, and the medical fraternity destroy from the outside in.

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