Is it too late?

sankaran1…………….Over excitement with the ideas of delusions and dreams might have caused some of our prescriptions to go prejudiced or in the totally wrong direction. Proving symptoms are the most reliable. with direct symptoms from the provers, we don’t need to look elsewhere. There are no preconceived notions of remedy pictures, just the symptoms of the patient.” Rajan Sankaran.

With these words, the single biggest influence on modern homoeopathic practice, “The Sensation Method” has been admitted to as being a false and misleading doctrine. For the vast majority of people in practice in the West, it has invalidated everything that they have been taught or believe.

I am sure that this quote, will be justified in the light of needing explanation so as to minimise the loss of followers for the income producing methodology (for Sankaran) that has replaced REAL homoeopathic treatment, and it will perhaps lead to yet another version of a watered down, if not antipathic version of Hahnemanns instructions for case taking and management.

For those of us in the West, who have pursued a life of research into the writings and methodology of Samuel Hahnemann, and have followed the development of the principles of practice as outlined by him, this ‘admission’ comes a little late. The entire homoeopathic community has been infected with his false teachings, and entry to professional organisations has only been allowed if a practitioner could answer questions based around the Sensation method.

Not one thing of value has been added to the physicians understanding of homoeopathic case taking by learning this methodology. It has prevented the students from learning the REAL medical practice, and unleashed a whole slew of untrained practitioners into the homoeopathic fraternity to dabble in quasi psychological models utilising the doctrine of signatures and many other things that are opposed to the curative abilities of symptom matching in the prescribed manner.

To those practitioners of the Sensation method. Please stop immediately. Go back and relearn the real homoeopathy. Send Mr Sankaran the bill for wasting your time.

The Sensation method could not and can not exist without the support of followers. What really gets to me is that each and every follower of Sankaran, could so easily have discerned the truth by reading the original works for themselves. Why did this not happen? What were you thinking? Why was it so easy to mislead you? Do you have the humility to go back and relearn and stop fiddling with peoples health and actually really cure them?

There are plenty of highly trained research homoeopaths in the West to help direct you onto the correct medical path for your training. George Dimitriadis and Ken D’aran in Australia. Doctor Guillermo Zamora in Mexico. Vera Resnick in Israel, Vladimir Polony in USA.  Dr Gary Weaver in U.K. and Spain and Italy…… and many more in other countries. They will not teach you a philosophy. They will not teach you an opinion, they will direct you to the original works and guide you through so that YOU learn from the masters and practice accordingly with repeatable success in case management.

Its up to you. Time to reverse the damage.


11 responses to “Is it too late?

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  2. Yes i can follow up to 85 to 90% of the cases, but for the remaining 15% there’s room for Sankaran’s method. Homeopathy is not a static and dead subject, sorry energy.

    • There is no room for any NON homoeopathic method under the name or practice of Homoeopathy. Please do not confuse a medical practice based on accurate observation and provings and methodology with a system that for 25 years has disregarded Hahnemann and excluded his very relevant warnings of what not to do.

  3. People of today tend to forget the brilliance with simplicity of true Hahnemann’s homoeopathy. Instead they fall for such methods which are against Organon. Good article and thanks for bringing this into our notice.

  4. I would say that homeopaths are prone to be delusional, and yes the sensation method can take a mind way down the wrong path if your path is not grounded in what is really happening in the body. If you have a solid foundation in the basis of homeopathic provings, repertory and the physiology of the body and understand the nature of psyco-somatization, then you can go a long way with the sensation method. I would agree that without this then the homeopath becomes just as delusional in their prescriptions as they perceive their patient to be. I would however stand by Sankaran as I know he knows this foundation. and that is where his work originated. I believe Sankaran’s mistake was to overestimate the foundation in western schools. The problem I see facing many homeopaths in the west is they lack a solid foundation in homeopathy to ground their sensation analysis. So yes go back to the books but don’t forget the sensation as it is only from the physical manifestation of the core delusion that we can truly heal.

    • I appreciate your comments but have to respectfully disagree. As an individual trained in conventional medicine and homoeopathic medicine both in the East and the West, your argument does not hold firm.
      1/. Sankaran has spent 25 years teaching multiple Seminars, training individuals and groups of people in his philosophy. Many of these are teachers in the various establishments around the world. He did not “overestimate the foundation in western schools”… he created it! I have watched with horror as the development of anti homoeopathic understanding and methodology has grown from his supposed building on Hahnemanns lack of comprehension of “modern” understanding of medicine.
      2/. I would respectfully disagree that you know what Sankarans foundation is or that his teachings originated in a sound knowledge of homoeopathy.
      3/. I would respectfully disagree that a physical manifestation of a core delusion is what we use the therapeutics as defined by Samuel Hahnemann to cure. You got that from Sankaran, not Hahnemann.

  5. the main problem with follower of any system is that they did it blindly. i met many of the follower of sensation method and 90% of them said me that there is no need of repertory if you are doing sensation method. i was really surprised by this statement. rather i would say that sankaran sir has very sound knowledge of repertory but the message was wrongly interpreted by the follower.

    • I appreciate your thoughts but would have to disagree with them based on the interpretive nature applied to rubrics in many of the cases presented by the upper ranks of the Sensation method camp. The more a person looks into the methodology, the more one can see diametrically opposing thinking to Hahnemann, and these based on poor psychology and unproven theories.

  6. yes i agree with you. hahnemann himself taught us to avoid interpretation in the case or in the proving too. sensation method overstretched(wrongly) the “Doctrine of Signature” and that caused much damage to the system of true Hahnemannian Homeopathy. but i think now they realized their mistake hope now they will heal themselves first.

    • As stated previously, The sensation method has destroyed true homoeopathic training for the best part of 25 years. The West suffers with a paucity of real practitioners currently. It has changed the entire teaching structure and allowed many wrong traits to be imbedded from the root up. As for realising their mistakes………… I doubt it. Words are cheap. It would mean turning 180 degrees around and accepting that every book published by the Mumbai crowd is useless.
      It will not happen.

  7. Yes they have maid Homeopathy Chronically ill. Now for them it will be more difficult to heal them. by enlarge it seems impossible to overcome the problem unless and until the true practitioner (like George Vithoulkas) come and give Right hahnemannian Homeopathy to the world.

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