Lippe? Vs Boenninghausen?

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Guiilermo.

Dr+GsmallAuthor: Dr. José Guillermo Zamora De La Paz, Surgeon UAG, Dhom med (Degree) Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine.

There is no doubt that the facts speak for themselves. Everyone has the right to think, imagine, imagine, and even interpret observations and experiences in the way you want. The problem arises when we put homeopathy those interpretations in the field of case-taking and experimentation, forgetting the goal of homeopathy, which is to get the whole patient homeopathic feature to assemble a list of symptoms that a remedy has generated in a healthy patient during an experiment or poisoning, accidental or not, and that contains the largest number of patient symptoms. According to Kellerstein, making the feature entirely both in the field of the sick patient and pathogenetic consists of a “pattern of engagement” in each case may present not only keynote, but a shower of Keynotes they can be differentiated from any of the symptoms components (often from modifying influence) obtained in the case.

The following example illustrates two similar comments, both interpretations of the same symptoms, which in fact are placed in various support positions ( in collections ) for the homeopath in practice, and that personal opinion result in a divergent strabismus the each other for true homeopathy Hahnemanniana.Insight and analysis personnel are required by the homeopath to understand what will arise.

Phosphorus curing cholera by Lippe 1

Comment by Adolph Lippe [1]:

“The case briefly described here could be claimed to belong to the” celebrity Causes. ” Since this case was cured and released, all have admitted in our Materia Medica as confirmed this symptom of Phosphorus – “Vomiting of what has been drunk as soon warms in the stomach.”

Everyone knows, and must know about and will continue to cure this not uncommon symptom Phosphorus appellant. The case illustrates how our Materia Medica has been developed, as symptoms are observed by the experimenters in the same way as the symptoms are observed in the disease as the result of the disease can be cured by a drug administered mode, and confirmation of such cures are entitled to these symptoms, the clinical outcome of the experiment-a truth so important as have been observed in dozens of experimenters. Upon reflection, men who insist persistently refined in our Materia Medica may think the best of it “


Comment Boenninghausen about Hippocratic aphorism 16 [2]

APHORISM: “Veratrum Album is dangerous to health as it causes convulsions.”

COMMENT (Boenninghausen): “Making liquid stomach content for any type of beverage increases the action of Veratrum Album vomiting. Homeopaths know that this is one of its unique characteristics, which is the opposite of Cuprum, which in many ways can be considered his brother remedy. These two offer a long list of symptoms that run parallel, acting in the same parts of the body in much the same way, in many serious diseases almost compete. Under such circumstances it would often be difficult to choose the most appropriate of these two drugs, but for one of the characteristic symptoms which removes all doubt, “fluid intake cold, as cold water.” If cold drinks aggravate affliction of the stomach and abdomen, vomiting and diarrhea, (and all other painful cramps and problems) then belong to Veratrum, but better cold drinks belong to the sphere of Cuprum, and in both cases the cure is ensured by the use fitting of one of the agents. This difference in symptoms of Veratrum and Cuprum in relation to the consumption of something cold is the most important as it is only found in a small group of remedies (dry calcareous, aggravated by drinking, and drinking causticum improvement, except these) with as clear accurately.PHOSPHORUS only find the same rare and characteristic symptom “cold drinking water brings immediate relief,” but only until the water warms in the stomach when the old arcades back with more fury. “


In fact Adolph Lippe includes a comment from the interpretation, regardless of the methodology Hahnemanniana abstraction and graduation of each component symptom (incorporated in the repertory Boenninghausen methodology):

– “Vomiting of what has been drunk as soon warms in the stomach.”

After Lippe records it as follows in his book Materia Medica: [3]

“Vomiting of everything that has drunk as soon warms in the stomach, blood, acids.”

Then place it on page 51 of his book “The Key to Materia Medica Or, Comparative Pharmacodynamic” in which PREFACE mentioned:

“In classifying medicinal symptoms, first give an overview, indicating the type of medicine peculiar sorrows bodies in which it operates; concomitant symptoms and the conditions according to time and circumstances under which the symptoms are aggravated or relieved. This is followed by prominent effects on different parts of the body in sleep, and emotions in the same order that was adopted by Hahnemann . “[4]

“In selecting the characteristic symptoms, I have not been guided by some previous work such as the Jahn, Possart, Boenninghausen, Altshuhl or Schneider.

“Different drugs covered in this work, will not be given in alphabetical order first give polychrests as necessarily the most important and most frequently used, and therefore calling the student’s attention, at the beginning of the course.”

 “ This work will serve students in the same way that a code , and will be in the many things that look in vain in all previous studies of Homoeopathy “

 So, finally is recorded in the register of Kent [5] which included the repertoire son Adolph Lippe [6] (C. Lippe in 1880), the EJ Lee (in 1889, which is considered a second edition of C. Lippe) among others, which also has two other remedies include:

KENT, STOMACH-Drink-Just the water warms in the stomach: CHLF, PHOS, Pyrog.

 Boenninghausen IN THE FACTS :

Boenninghausen in his commentary says:

 ” Only PHOSPHORUS find the same rare and characteristic symptom“DRINK COLD WATER BRINGS RELIEF IMMEDIATELY” ….


“But only until the water warms in the stomach when the old arcades back with more fury.”

In fact , Boenninghausen, aware of the demands of the teacher to record raw data of observation, ie without interpretation, which is why the medical field is called MEDICAL MATTERS PURA and the conceptual and structural insights to its repertoire had to have to operate according to the methodology Hahnemanniana leaves two symptoms components (location and mode) confirmation symptom clearly defined based on the occurrence and combinability of these and It excludes the interpretation. [7]

Boenninghausen TPB (Therapeutic Pocket Book, 1846) [8]. Torso Interior stomach + Improvement, Food and Drink, Cold water, which gives a 100% combinability to find that each symptom has maximum degree 4 Phosphorusappears as main remedy.

Please click on the image to amplify


We then have two comments similar to interpretation are taken to support materials differently.

Conclusion :

Materials Adolph Lippe offer practical tools for learning Materia Medica, although in practice, from my own experience, useful only occasionally for the analysis of the case, as they are limiting since they are offered as combined symptoms using a location updated mode, or a feeling + a form, or a location + a sensation. This means that often the symptoms must be interpreted (contrary to what is established from the reactor) or they have to be collected in the same manner and combined preset from a particular case, which rarely occurs and does not guarantee similarity. Serious inconsistencies are observed by Lippe (do not know whether ignorance or not wanting to give exact references to where I got the combinations in the TPB), describing how they organize the project ” in the same order that was adopted by Hahnemann “ and advised that his work can be used ” just like a directory . ” Although at least have his honesty when he admits ” not being guided “by Boenninghausen (among others). Likewise, we must recognize the contribution of Lippe in information and additional remedies that could, if fully understood the concept and structure of the TPB, added to the repertoire of systematic way.

By the other words, the central point in the construction of the Therapeutic Pocket Book Boenninghausen is abstraction of symptoms from proving, ie, in the isolation of an element of context or other accompanying items in its original position, as for example the procedures for extracting the regions where it originally appeared, and place them in a separate chapter (*), which willallow the user to “complete” symptoms by analogy through recombination of elements in a case even show combinations never before seen in a proving . This approach allows range of motion and limitless combinations, not to mention the case when monitoring the correct use of matches made.

* Misunderstanding and erroneously propagated as ” generalization “.

Homeopathy based on their sources does not allow interpretations, since issues such as those that approach depends on how you see the white “if half full or half empty,” do not apply here, much less from the point that has been raised because the data in the medical field is hard, it’s raw, it’s pure. What I can say is that while using the symptom Keynote greatly increased the effectiveness of my prescriptions in the past with respect to Kentiano method (from 20 to 50-60%), since I began my studies of homeopathy have never seen a symptom as commented above (is not I “interpreted” in the same way?) even remembering through any of the thousands of patients I have seen from my education, so I do not agree with Lippe in the sense that this is a “symptom” often. However I think the right way to handle our interpretations, it is precisely as it does Boenninghausen, leaving them there, as simple comment without putting them into the working tools (which increases the effectiveness 85-95%). On the other hand, if I may, what I would advise is not to accept everything that is offered in different homeopathic works presented, doubt much of what they read and what they are told in school; be aware that one should only learn the qualities of a particular method through clinical experience in similar conditions and patients.Basing our requirements in cases other, or in no provings methodology invented by some people, we only becomes Gurus manufacturers. Best see first how did Hahnemann, on the basis that, as the work tools he used were developed and what is the methodology of their experimental model. Once we know and what we do repeatedly, then we know what is best for our patients and we dismiss the symptoms were improperly is intermingled in different and imperfect medical matters with which we have.


[1] The Testimony of the Clinic By Eugene Beauharnais NASH, Case 54.

[2] The Aphorisms of Hippocrates With the Glosses of a Homoeopathist by Von Boenninghausen

[3] Text Book of Materia Medica by Adolph Lippe, MD, Symptom 71.

[4] If you mean symptomatic hierarchy that is not the order adopted by Hahnemann. In the provings recorded the most consistent features are the modalities of the symptom, the second most reliable features are the feelings and less reliable (more variable) are the locations. Boenninghausen makes it clear in the following quote:

“The increase in the medicinal power in proportion to the increased dynamism is, anyway, so striking to be forced into every attentive observer … Only with reference to aggravation of symptoms and improvement … the highest and lowest powers always remain equal, and this constant urge to uniformity should homoeópatas currently studying with great eagerness, and pay special attention to the same thing when you select a remedy “… The Value of High potencies , AHZ 1860:61, in BLW141.

“Almost more important than the variety of sensations and external symptoms are worsening and symptom improvement according to time, place, and circumstances …. without an accurate statement of them, the image of the illness can never said complete and sufficient for the selection of a remedy …. “Three Precautionary Rules of Hahnemann, NAHH 1844:1:1, in BLW 198

I suggest you also read Hahnemann, Organon Aphorism 133 VI:

… “This will be evidence of what is peculiar and characteristic of each symptom”

[5] “The Modern Repertory of Kent” for Eizayaga, Buenos Aires, 1979.

“JT Kent” Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica ”

[6] “Repertory to the More Characteristic Symptoms” (Read foreword)

[7] in combination corresponding to the Materia Medica Pura, repertoirePhosphorus , Symptom 745:

” With the most frightful tortures, he tries to vomit but only drinking cold water improves their pain. [LE ROI VOIGTEL.] ”

[8] OpenRep SYNOPSIS Therapeutic Pocket Book in Spanish.

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  1. Sajjad Akram Siddiqui
    Bleeding from the stomach usually occurs due to ulceration or cancer and to stop this icy cold water in injected into the stomach which usually stop bleeding for the short period by using these two symptoms inner stomach and better by cold water phosphorous comes up which also stops bleeding from the stomach immediately.Where allopaths fails we succeed.

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