Stop Press!! I.H.M. Seminars for 2014

The I.H.M. is pleased to announce the European tour projected dates for 2014.

The Seminars will focus on Hahnemanns directions for practicing homoeopathy, and demonstrate the use of the Therapeutic Pocket in clinical situations along with using the Materia Medica to ascertain the correct prescription every time.

These are the locations we are working on. This page along with a dedicated website will be updated as soon as we have news.

Stop Press!

Seminars being prepared by the Institute for Homeopathic Medicine in conjunction with Dr Isidre Lara and Marco Colla.

San Sebastián. May 2014. Pending dates.

Zaragoza. 4-6 July 2014 (2 complete days, from Friday afternoon till Sunday lunchtime). Confirmed dates.

Valencia. Autumn 2014.

Sevilla. Oct-Nov 2014.

Turin Italy Oct- to be confirmed.

Las Palmas (Canarian Islands). Pending time.

Madrid to be confirmed.

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