Homoeopathy today. Part 1.

                                                                                                                                                    Examining the contents of my mail, and the expressed views within, I am struck by the singular thread running through the comments offered.  I see people do not know that they do not know.

Homoeopathy, the therapy, is suffering from a lack of scientifically minded, medicine oriented practitioners who have schooling in the knowledge of what homoeopathy really is, or have an overall concept of HOW to apply the therapeutics to a case, how to manage a case and how to determine the progression of a case of disease and ascertain the value of treatment given.

Sadly, the application of the medicines in the hands of medically trained personnel, suffers EXACTLY the same fate. What a homoeopath views as a disease state, does not depend on the named collection of symptoms that are tagged with a descriptor. Although these symptoms are examined in depth, a true Hahnemann trained homoeopath will look for the expression of the disease as it AFFECTS THE PATIENT INDIVIDUALLY. This does not ignore the symptoms that are displayed that fall under a tagged named disease, but within the confines of the general named disease state, a homoeopath looks for the singular and peculiar and characteristic symptoms that the patient displays, that are present and persisting and peculiarise a single medicine that is capable of producing the symptoms.

We must not look for a central delusion or core feeling. We must look for the characteristic of HOW the disease is presented.

Disease cannot exist without a living organism. There is no disease where there is not a host. Dis-ease affects LIFE. To this obvious truth must be added that all infecting agents do not produce the exact same results every time in individuals. If an organism is capable of assimilating an infecting agent, and produce albeit, a similar pattern of progression of the disease state that is formed from the infecting agent, and MODIFY it in an attempt to rid the organism of the problem, then each individual, endowed with genetic, inherited, nutritional, tolerance and immunity to certain elements, that is peculiar to that person, then it stands to reason that there is only the singular and peculiar response to the infection from that INDIVIDUAL that requires treatment.

Homoeopathy, the therapy as defined by Samuel Hahnemann meets these requires and succeeded in being effective where a curative response could be facilitated by the organism, as long as the protocols were met in every case.

Homoeopathy proper, is one of the most powerful branches of medicine that we have at our disposal, and one of the most badly taught disciplines ever witnessed. Until the schools clear the false teachings and stop treating it as a spiritual quasi psychological subject, and get rid of all the teachers that do not know their subject…….. the profession does not have a future that is meaningful to patient wellbeing.

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