Case: Recurrent Miscarriage.

Female aged 31 presented to the clinic with the following symptoms. A history of 5 miscarriages in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

The patient was examined for physical abnormality and we tested her blood levels. N.A.D.

I took a full case history and the following symptoms were noted. The patient mentioned since onset of menstruation at age 11, that she had regular bouts of leucorrhea between every period at some random stage in the cycle. The discharge was of a thick mucous nature, yellowish in colour, itching and burned from time to time. She stated that when all the symptoms as described above were present together, there was a really unpleasant odour.

There was little else to find in her case history, other than the problem of spontaneous abortion. As the Leucorrhea was present, I looked at the symptoms in this manner.

Kreosote has an affinity for abortions by the 3rd month, and also a clear ability to produce the leucorrhea identical to what the patient was suffering.

I prescribed Kreosote in the Q scale (L/M.) in the 0/1 potency, one dose a day to be taken for a week. I evaluated the patient after 7 days, and nothing much had changed except a lessening of the odour from the discharge. I continued the medication in the 0/1 potency for daily dosing until the next appointment in 4 weeks.  The patient duly reported back, one week after cessation of her menses, and the leucorrhea had not started. She went the whole month without a discharge. I continued the medicine.

After the next menses, she suffered a really heavy discharge of leucorrhea for 6 days. I stopped the medicine during this time. When the leucorrhea stopped, I moved up to the 0/2 potency of Kreosote, one dose a day.

In 4 months the discharge had ceased. I continued the Kreosote to the 0/3 potency and then stopped. 5 months after I ceased treatment, she conceived and took the pregnancy to full term with no complications. So all in all, it took 9 months for the body to regulate itself. A good outcome.


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