Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine course for practitioners.

The I.H.M. will shortly be announcing a one year external course in Homoeopathic Medicine.

This intensive course is aimed at current practitioners of homoeopathy, to ground them in the absolutes and principles of homoeopathic understanding, to fill in the gaps or lack of homoeopathic education  so that in any given situation, an answer can be found for solid and accurate prescribing with the emphasis on tried and tested steps to take as directed by Samuel Hahnemann.

This course is NOT a rehash of the ‘learning’ you have undertaken. This is a modular system that gives a true and historically correct view of how the therapy developed and the correct way to apply it.

The Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine is a research based organisation that has years of experience in the study and collection of original works from Hahnemann down, and has compared all forms of practice to the founders experience and can explain why, in the main, deviation from homeopathic principles in the therapy of homoeopathy will not work consistently and accurately.

To this end,  results will be seen when the principles are applied almost immediately.

We have taken people with NO training in homeopathic medicine and used this course with them. By applying application in the learning, they had all the information WAY FAR and above what is taught in schools today, AND in only 12 months. (We gave them 12 months clinical training in case taking and case management after).

We then went on to give this information to people in practice, and in 12 months their own clinic results had risen considerably.

This course is in English and in Spanish. We are finalising the details of the modules and will be releasing the full details in due course.

Completion of the course  will entitle the participant to a completion certificate of the I.H.M.

Passing of the final exam will entitle the participant to membership of the I.H.M. and entitled to all benefits derived from membership.

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