Medicine today.

We get asked many times to present evidence in support of the efficacy of homoeopathic Medicine.

The reality is that evidence, much better than we could furnish, has been presented for the last 150 years in bucket-loads. There are hundreds of thousands of documented cases and better than mainstream medical percentages of cure in existence.

A brief look at the history, development and aims of government controlled medicine will reveal that patient welfare is not high on the agenda. Its about control, political direction and money. Once this is understood, it will become obvious why all non mainstream therapies are being directed to being “doctors only” or within the scope of some branch of oversight by the governmental approved medical establishment for the “benefit of the public”.

While I agree that a higher standard of practitioner knowledge and competence would be beneficial in some therapies, not least homoeopathy, I cannot ever stretch to approval of a doctors only club for the practice of simply because in the countries where this is in place, in the main, the drs have not learned their subject properly and are less than useful as a collective body within their ‘speciality’. They also are subject to the rules and regulations of the main Medical authority in their respective countries, and as such can be switched off from practice when it suits the controllers. It has happened time and time again from the 1800’s.

As stated, the proof for homoeopathic value is everywhere. It has however, been sidelined by thuggery, by manipulation and by false information and invalidation given to the public. It has also been downgraded from within the therapy by some very dodgey, false and dangerous teachings by individuals who have found a way to subvert the real therapeutic aims of the speciality with an eye on personal fame and wealth. The profession is no longer attracting medically minded individuals, and is being swamped by those who desire to be amateur psychologists without doing the work or assuming responsibility for genuine homoeopathic medical knowledge. This is no different from M.Ds who have the same lack of  homoeopathic medical knowledge, but have a licence to practice a bastardized form of the therapy.

The governmental take over of all therapies is a well advanced stage and near to completion. The reasons are above, and all the non mainstream professions can do is slow it down, and return to the PROPER application of their respective therapies. The proof of efficacy is already out there. It is being ignored on purpose.

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