Hahnemanns Model.

IMG_0007The I.H.M is shortly going to be embarking on the 2014 Seminar trail.  Starting in Mexico and then on to several venues in Spain and Italy.  We are looking at Israel perhaps later in the year.

Dr Guillermo will be in Guadalajara soon.  WEBSITE

Then we move to Spain. WEBSITE

The speakers this year will be presenting material from our core base of Original literature dealing with the rationale and application of clinical pointers from Hahnemanns experiments. In real terms, and applicable to the modern practitioner, this means that we demonstrate clearly Hahnemanns understanding of:

  • WHAT the problem is.
  • WHERE to look in the case taking.
  • HOW to obtain the necessary information.
  • What is a “totality”
  • HOW to find a “totality”.
  • WHAT symptoms to pay attention to.
  • WHAT symptoms to ignore.
  • HOW to dose.
  • WHAT to look for after application of the medicine
  • HOW to manage the case.
  • When to stop.

In explaining these topics, we also take a look at the usage of a repertory. How important a repertory is and why certain repertories can TOTALLY mislead a practitioner.

All our presentations are referenced. The intention of the Seminars is fill in the blanks for the practitioners whom have never been taught Hahnemanns model, and for those that have, to link it all together in a cohesive manner for the benefit of the patient. Homoeopathy the therapy, is a very precise and delineated model for collecting information, and it is our pleasure to show how Hahnemann and his students practiced it.

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