A Case of Sabadilla

This case was translated from Spanish into English from http://pandwespanol.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/un-caso-de-sabadilla/

Schoenocaulon species

Posted by Dr. José Guillermo Zamora La Paz, UAG Surgeon, Homeopathic Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine, IHM Dhom (Degree)

May 8, 2012 at 11:00 pm, I was called a home visit, to care for a female patient under 7 years of age, which had table 8 days duration. Her medical history was significant only remark cesarean acute fetal distress and allergy to metamizol. Upon arrival the patient lives in a humble house with a tin roof, brick walls and concrete floor. In the back adjacent to a river, so it may be perceived high humidity, there is little lighting and ventilation.

I watch a little girl of dark complexion, slim build, approx size. 1.20 mts,. With great pallor, sweating, rapid breathing, is sheltered despite the heat. By indirect questioning the mother, it tells us that the problem started eight days ago with – “much sneezing, shaking the girl sleeping much and complained so we called the doctor and then the pharmacy prescribed me ampules and syrup “.

Penicillin and vials containing the solution, naproxen with paracetamol.Continues the mother of the girl – “we saw that the girl we got better, but then I went back into the warmth, and thought it was going to take the day, but we see that time passes and the child gets worse, especially at night about this time. “

Means that the girl has lost her appetite, eating little, and although it gives you water, you do not want to drink , sometimes just a little . Presents dry cough hits. The rush is intense and comes on all night, with many chills. It is mentioned that then begins to sweat profusely and then the fever subsides. At night, while sleeping complains. Diarrhea for 2 days, 3 to 4 is added during the day, with yellow stools, pasty consistency. Small refers headache in the forehead. Can not breathe through the nose. You feel tired, and you body aches.

On physical examination, fever is 39.2 degrees C, rapid pulse of 104 per minute, respiration 30 per minute. Pallor (+ +), Dehydrated (+ +). Piel ” chinita “wet, breathable especially on the head.

Lacrimation and conjunctival erythema (+ +) is found. Nasal discharge yellow, viscous. Hyperemic pharynx (+).

Clean and well ventilated lung fields.

Abdomen with increased peristalsis, tympanic to percussion.

Normal capillary refill.

Using the “P & W 1846 Boenninghausen TPB”

Please click on the image to amplify


Consulting Additions to Materia Medica Pura of Stapf  found the following Sabadilla farmacografía for:

20: tensive pain in the forehead, with pressure; ¾ hr (Heb.).

155: Aversion to food, continuing until the next meal (Mr.).

240: Diarrhea; seem fermented feces, they are brown (W.).

270-279: Nasal symptoms and roommates: nasal obstruction, clear runny nose, watery eyes, eye redness, etc..

291: Dry cough at night, which leaves him no rest, feels hot and sweats (Schk.).

451: Chills without thirst, without subsequent heat. (St.)

454: chills with goose bumps, and mild thirst. (Rck.)

455: Sensitivity to cold 1. D (H.)

459: Stir and wakes from sleep with momentary chill, at eleven in the night, he feels warm without sweating, mild tingling in the forehead, 2 d. (H.).

462: Profuse sweat on the head and face, which were hot to the touch, the whole body gets cold, about 8 min, continued for fifteen minutes (Mr.)..

465: Suda … so profusely that he is forced to change his shirt, even if it makes you feel chills, 1 d. (H.).

468: Fever only at night and in the morning after waking … (Rck.).

473: Profuse sweating after midnight (St.)

Other references to farmacografía of Sabadilla:

Jahr: Symp. Codex.

Hartl. u Trinks: Mat. Med, V. 1.

Stapf: Archiv hom. Heilk., V. pt . 3, p. 118.

Sabadilla to 200c (L), single dose, and ORS is prescribed. Physical means if necessary.

May 9, 2012 to revise step small, and mentioned that has passed a better night, although still Fever, morning better breakfasted, and drank juice. He meets febrícula 37.8 degrees C. Decreased nasal discharge. More quiet, has radically changed its appearance, better color, more talkative. Still with diarrhea.Sabadilla dose was repeated to 200c (L).

May 11, 2012: It is mentioned that the night of May 9 had fever again but she was calmer, without much sweat. The night of May 10 did not present fever. Eat and drink normally. No diarrhea.

May 15, 2012: More than 72 hours without fever when no nasal discharge, feeling well.

May 21, 2012: Keep healthy. Indeed, quite pesky and active as any healthy child.


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