And then…….

So the lady sat opposite me and recounted her health history. I detailed it and had a look in the repertory, quick look in the Materia Medica and was sure of my prescription. And then……….

She told me that she had been attending another homoeopath for 6 months previously, and that the homoeopath had prescribed remedy X. The same one I had just chosen. She told me that she had taken it in 30c, 200c and 10m and it did nothing over 6 months of taking it.

I relooked at my notes, at the rep sheet and at the remedy again. I could not justify a reason to change the prescription. I also knew the homoeopath she had gone to. I knew she prescribed accurately and used a good supplier of medicines.

So I went through the patients dietary intake, her medications, her mode of living… nothing

Finally I asked her at what time she had taken the remedies when she had been given them. She responded “oh I take them at the same time as I take my 50″.

I had to ask…”what is your 50?” she answered, “the small white blood thinner” she had been prescribed 20 years previously…. “The dr told me it was a natural substance for preventing a heart attack….. I never thought to mention it.”

Aspirin. 50mg a day for 20 years.

So.. I cut back for the first week to one tablet every 2 days, then stopped the aspirin altogether. On the 3rd week I gave the remedy and it began to work and then fixed the problem she complained of over time.

Certain medicines are an obstacle to cure. That day I added regular doses of Aspirin to the list.

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