Thoughts on aphorism 5

§ 5
Useful to the physician in assisting him to cure are the particulars of the most probable exciting cause of the acute disease, as also the most significant points in the whole history of the chronic disease, to enable him to discover its fundamental cause, which is generally due to a chronic miasm. In these investigations, the ascertainable physical constitution of the patient (especially when the disease is chronic), his moral and intellectual character, his occupation, mode of living and habits, his social and domestic relations, his age, sexual function, etc., are to be taken into consideration.

In acute disorders which have appeared, take a look at what possibly could have triggered it. (A change in diet, a food stuff, a cold, a wetting, stress, a blow, weather etc etc.. you get the idea). Also following this suggestion, when looking at a chronic disorder, look back through the health history and see if there are trigger points or indicators for the onset or reason for the current state, and usually when this is done, an infection or resultant disease state from infection (or inherited) can be pinpointed. Dont forget to take a look at the lifestyle, what his employment is,(does anything in that cause a health problem) how he looks after his health in his habits, how he gets on with others to get an idea of his temperament, both in health and in sickness. Compare pre sickness and how he displays everything now during his diseased state.

Homoeopathy the therapy, is suffering from poor teaching in the schools. What is necessary is to teach medicine without political, spiritual or religious overlays.

Dr Hahnemann gives clear advice as to how to ascertain what is wrong with the patient, and how to get that information. He pays more attention to forming an individual and unique picture of how a patient is affected, rather than rely on generalised symptoms of a named disease.

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