Patients issue finally resolved.

I have been treating a male patient (age 40) for various respiratory issues with Pulsatilla. He has done well but could never quite get to the point where his immune response would take care of the problem.

5 weeks ago, he had a return of old symptoms. Sneezing. He would sneeze periodically in bouts.

Change of temperature, alcohol and during urination would be key points that  I considered from his relating of symptoms to me. I seemed to be going round and round in circles and looking at the same symptoms and getting the same repertorial results.

The rep sheet showed me that although I had the correct symptoms, they were NOT the prescribing symptoms for a curative action.

As I looked at the chart of medicines, Pulsatilla was still sat there strongly. So we talked a little about his his diet and routines. I noted that he liked to have 3 mugs of coffee in the morning. We continued talking and I began to think laterally.

What if his organism was sensitized from the coffee? What if the alcohol allowed him to be sensitive in the same manner? What if it was not urination that caused sneezing, but a reaction to the over sensitized condition and being triggered by a change of air temperature but by EXPOSING parts of his body to the air?

I re looked at the circumstances very carefully. The Pulsatilla was not working and I needed to focus in on this new set of circumstances as being the answer, but not getting it because I was not applying the circumstances EXACTLY to the symptoms expressed. I took this for analysis:

After reading Rhus Tox, I prescribed Rhus Tox LM 0/1 two doses a day for two days and one dose a day for a week.

We just had a consult. Sneezing has stopped. Desire for coffee has diminished. Mild pain in thighs which he never mentioned has ceased. Respiratory condition which I was treating him for has cleared up considerably.

Prescription: continue with Rhus Tox 0/1 daily.

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